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wful sorrow it gave us, Flemings, when we heard that the Netherlanders were conspiring with the Germans." The doctor now became more communicative on other matters. According to him the Germans con


tended that the inhabitants had been shooting from windows and cellars, in order to prevent the120 garri

son from assisting their comrades, who were fighting a battle against the Belgians at a distance of about four miles and a half from the town. Such an organised action of the inhabitants, under the tyrannical rule of the Germans

  • m it from my own personal ob
  • servation, that there is not a s
  • ingle word of truth in those
  • accusations, for I passed
  • the early days of the w
  • ar in the district where the f
  • ight was going on." The
  • Vestibulum at tellus mauris
good man'


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during the eight days before the destruction, he called i

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mpossible, and therefore the whole accusation absurd. At

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